Shop A Docket makes it easier for you to reach your local audience

Connect with local shoppers when they are most receptive. Reach 80% of your local shoppers at least 4-6 times per month through receipt and digital advertising to over 800,000 online members.

Our In-store Distribution Partners

Build your local presence

Use cost-effective high-frequency transactional print and digital marketing to target receptive local audiences.

Drive discovery and generate leads

Introduce your business or product to capture local member interest for on-going marketing and sales activity.

Boost consideration and sales

Target your local shopping audience with a compelling value proposition to convert interest into sales.

Encourage customers to return

Maintain visibility and sales by promoting offers that delight and re-engage existing customers.

Measure you success

Collect coupons, use digital reports or simply promote a unique offer to track your own return on investment.

Print Benefits

Digital Benefits