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Ways we can help your business grow

Shopa Docket works because of our simple but effective approach – we go to where the customers are.

Here’s how we can help you connect with yours.

In-store Coupon

For over 34 years, our in-store coupons have helped local businesses target their audience, grow their brand and get new customers. And with all that experience comes a whole lot of knowledge.

That means we know how to run offers that work for your industry. Our in-store coupons are extremely effective in building brand awareness and driving sales at a hyper-local level. And they’re not just limited to running discount ads. Just ask us – we’d be happy to talk you through some ideas.

And we’ve partnered with some of Australia’s most popular retailers to distribute your ads 7 days a week for maximum exposure.

Be found at:

How in-store coupons can help:

• Limited number of advertisers per store = high reach frequency

• Customer is shopping in your local area = likely to transact

• Offer exclusivity in your industry category – up to 12 months

• Increased brand visibility – full colour print advertising

• Our extra bonus – we’ll promote your business online to local members

In-store coupons

Digital Coupon

Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices in our increasingly online world – so that’s where we’ve gone too. Our digital coupons are an effective way of capturing online traffic and getting customers through your door. They can help you reach a wider audience while giving you more flexibility with your advertising.

And it’s easy. Our mobile and app platform allows consumers to search, browse and save their favourite coupon to use at a time most convenient to them. Advertise with us and it could be you they’re looking for.

How digital coupons can help:

• Highly targeted to local audiences

• Respond quickly to market conditions

• Use the expanded format to promote your brand and offer

• Run multiple offers and optimise mid-campaign

• Measure interest as well as action

Digital coupons

Social Media

Advertising through social media is proven to increase brand recognition. It’s little wonder, with over 90% of the Australian population on social media. So it’s become increasingly important for businesses to have a social presence.

With our targeted Facebook posts and Instagram pages, it’s easy for you to get started straight away. You can reach specific consumer targets and connect with the people who need your service or product - you don’t even need to have a social media account. We’ll even let you know how successful you’re campaign was with our detailed and easy-to-read reports.

Our services include:

Design team

Ad design and creation with our talented graphic design team

Campaign execution

Campaign execution with our experienced marketing team

Analysis reports

Easy-to-understand reports and detailed analysis of campaign performance.

How social media can help:

• Highly targeted to local audiences

• Easy access to social media, without having to set it up yourself

• Measure your success – track your ROI

• Grow word of mouth as your customers share your great offers

Social Media

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy, cost-effective and reliable way to connect with your customers in a place they visit every day — their inbox.

With over 800,000 members Australia-wide we can make sure that your ad is placed in front of a relevant local audience. You can choose to be included in our regular email newsletters, or we can customise stand-alone email campaigns specific to your business.

How email marketing can help:

• Reach out to new customers online - straight to their inbox

• Generate and track leads

• Customisable to suit your business

• Re-engage current and past customers

Email Marketing

Ready to reach your local audience?

Whether you’re looking to build your brand, connect with new buyers or simply re-engage with your existing customers, we can help you with a campaign tailored to your needs.

Drop us a line.

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