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For over 34 years, our in-store coupons have helped Australians save money! You can find these nationwide in Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, Big W, Harris Farm and larger independent stores.

Check the back of your shopping docket, take your offer into the participating outlet and present the coupon to the cashier. It's that simple!

shopa Docket - How It Works

Website & App

shopa Docket - How It Works

You can find most offers that are available in-store, here on our website and app, you may even find some exclusive deals!

Below are the key features that make using and redeeming offers easy. Simply create an account to start your journey. Happy Savings!

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Key Features


You can find these throughout our website and app on all offers, this allows you to add these to your favourites found in your account. Never misplace an offer again!

Print a coupon for redemption later. This is available through our website. Simply present the print-out to the participating location to receive the deal. Print out a bunch before you go away to make it easy to holiday on a budget!


For when you're on the go, this will appear on your phone or tablet. Display your offer to the cashier to redeem your offer. This displays your unique code. Press redeem when you've made your transaction. No need for paper!

An exclusive feature on our app. This displays all the offers around you. There's no better way to find a bargain in your local area.

Never miss out on an offer ...

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